Election for "Walikota" Surabaya

Posted by tukang nggame on Saturday, March 13, 2010

Lately, we may often in the news about who candidates who will fight in June 2010. They will be fighting over the "Walikota" Surabaya 2010-2015 period. Now we already know who the candidates are finally developed in the future mayor election. Likely to have five pairs candidates who will forward the election in June 2010. Who are they?

As we would expect that they will not be far away from the media talks a lot during this. Fandi Utomo-Julius, Risma-Bambang, Arief-Adies, Sutadi-Maslan, and Fitrajaja-Naen. Now they are doing medical tests to qualify for registration in the election next few months. Who will be the winner?

I do not know, is very difficult to predict who the winner because all have a big enough opportunity all where there is no dominant partner. My expectations may still be quite a lap but honest and fair. Emm ... for it lets us all participate and make the selection of "Walikota" Surabaya became a better election than the election of the Governor yesterday.

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