Parent Market Osowilangun (PIOS) Surabaya

Posted by tukang nggame on Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Currently more crowded, hectic with various media proclaim the problem of the Parent Market Osowilangun (PIOS:Pasar Induk Osowilangun) Surabaya. Effect of PP on the clash of Jakarta Jakarta Satpol makes a great pleasure for the people of Surabaya traum relates the existence of transfer to the Market traders in Keputran Parent Osowilangun (PIOS:Pasar Induk Osowilangun) Surabaya. The police and all security personnel be very careful in conducting the execution.

They covered the ways that really can be done without violence. In wear a smart idea is to block the vehicle supplier to the market merchandise Keputran. Auto traders in Keputran not get the merchandise to be sold. Automatic recent days Keputran market devoid of buyers. Inevitably some traders now have started to take the shanties in the palm of their sales on the market before they use Keputran.

Parent Market Osowilangun (PIOS:Pasar Induk Osowilangun) Surabaya itself has now started on the use by traders though still not so much but little by little have shown improvement. The pedagangpun has now started to hunt around a residence in the Parent Market Osowilangun (PIOS) Surabaya. It is estimated that over time the Parent Market Osowilangun (PIOS:Pasar Induk Osowilangun) Surabaya will be even more crowded and noisy than Keputran market.