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This period of his time Laptops Ultrabook. Immediately changed the world of mobile computing with the presence of the genre gress. after the notebooks and laptops, today hadirlah Laptop Ultrabook. Acer certainly remain occupied in front by supplying one of the world's first Ultrabook Laptops, aspire s3, which was launched late October 2011. Laptops are getting Ultrabook ces 2012 Innovations Design and Engineering Award honoree for Ultrabook the featherweight laptop, available in retail networks acer ranging from $ 7 million-an.

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What is Laptop Ultrabook?

Laptop Ultrabook gress is a genre that would soon flood the market. the idea is to combine the convenience of using a tablet with the productivity capabilities of a laptop is powered. form a thin, light weight, instant on (directly ready to use when turned on), as well as battery life in standby condition is what is expected of a tablet. will be however, a lack of productivity capabilities of a tablet to make it less reliable when they are working hard. most of these aspects are combined in a Laptop Ultrabook.

Laptops are basically Ultrabook will have several aspects as follows: the dimensions of thin, under 20 mm thick on the side of the most lightweight instant on, making it ready to use in in a matter of a few seconds after turned on using the processor intel core i3, i5, i7-generation or second (sandy bridge) type of ULV (ultra low voltage), making this a high performance with minimum battery life of 5 hours when used on the move.

aspire s3: Laptop Ultrabook with its own reliability

standard if a Laptop Ultrabook has looked stunning, you will be more interested in s3 aspire. Ultrabook Thin Notebook Cheap Best Price (Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik) this one had a variety of reliability that makes it different from the standard Ultrabook Laptops, even compared to some laptops that have not launched Ultrabook.

Acer Aspire Laptop specification Ultrabook s3:
processor: 2nd-generation Core i3, i5, i7 ultra-low voltage cpu
display: 13 .3-inch HD LED, 1366 x 768
connectors: 2x USB 2 .0, HDMI-out port
storage: hybrid 320 gb hdd + 20 gb ssd (as a cache drive)
card reader: oversimplify sd card and MultiMediaCards
Webcam: Integrated Acer Crystal Eye a .3 mp camera and microphone
connectivity: acer invilink Nplify 802 .11 b / g / n wi-fi certified, bluetooth 4 .0 + HSR
Audio: Dolby home theater v4, audio combo jack
os: windows 7 home premium
body: magnesium-aluminum alloy chassis and a lid with a fingerprint-free metal finish
keyboard: full-size chiclet keyboard acer finetip

The shape and design

The form included Acer Aspire s3 is much thinner than a laptop Ultrabook baselines. acer aspire s3 has a thickness of only 13mm on the front side and just 17mm thick on the far (back). Weight Ultrabook Laptops with screens 13 .3 "is also only about 1.35 kg. it means s3 acer have a similar weight netbook with a 10 "and thicknesses do not vary much with a tablet pc.

Thinner and lighter display on acer aspire s3 is not equipped with component input attenuation (pointing device and keyboard). you can still enjoy a normal-sized chiclet keyboard and pointing device (touch pad) with a surface area. touchpad on acer aspire utilized large-s3 fact minimalist look. you will not reach the button for right-and left-click. "Left click" can be done by pressing the touchpad a bit more on the inside. for while the "right click" done by pressing the lower right corner of the touch pad is better on the inside. an arrangement that allows a large touchpad surface with optimum wearing comfort.

instant-on and instant connect

ended the period in which the public has always save the battery for the notebook shutdown. when using a laptop Ultrabook, you do not need to turn off most of the current application round out a user session. you can just close the laptop Ultrabook just sleep and ignore the process works. Laptop Ultrabook when activated, in the matter of a few seconds only, windows live has a direct and most immediate application can be utilized.

instant-on feature on the Acer Aspire s3 would differ from a standard Laptop Ultrabook. if the laptop Ultrabook on generally run the process instant-on when the power button (or other keyboard keys) is pressed, s3 aspire to life when you open it (lid activated). One thing unique start from acer aspire s3 is instant connect. acer aspire s3 allows instant access to connect internet only in 2 .5 seconds, or 4 times faster than portable pc on in general, so that it can reduce the waiting time and the user can get to work or enjoy entertainment. so, in addition to life, the direct application ready harnessed, also has a direct network connectivity can be exploited. true for most pc users whose activities are so dynamic.

battery life

aceraspire battery s3 including saving, thanks to instant on green technology, where if the unit is no activity after 480 minutes, then he could have a stand-by time up to 50 days. so favorable for its users, no need to bother looking for a place to sit in a conference room close to the power jack.

acer aspire unibody form on s3 reality not allow you to change the batteries personally. will be but, with battery life that is so great (up to 6 hours for the hard drive version and 7 hours for ssd version), it seems you actually will not need a battery backup. should be remembered, because using the instant-on, you do not need to do a shut-down process. you can just close the laptop and let this Ultrabook entered in the phase of sleep that will preserve battery power up to tens of days.

instant-on process will also save battery consumption, because the system does not need to pass a long startup process and power drain. for a while, the method of charging the battery on acer notebooks are leading an effective and friendly to the batteries is also implemented in s3 aspire. This ensures the integrity of the battery in the long term.

processors and the performance

processor is utilized s3 acer aspire intel core i3, i5, i7 ultra low voltage or the second generation (sandy bridge). performance it offers not much different than the Core i3, i5, or second-generation i7 mobile version (for notebooks). this is due to the 32nm fabrication process as well as sandy bridge architecture that has been so efficient in presenting high performance. in addition, the availability of vga intel hd on Monday in the processor will make it able to run full hd movies (even some movies at the same time) with ease. even, some mainstream 3D games can be played with this vga system.

storage: 2 one astute

storage facilities (storage) s3 acer also includes unique. there are two one available: ssd or hard drive. for ssd version, has certainly a high performance and process instant-on into something quite natural. create a version of the hard drive (320GB), s3 acer actually also using 20gb ssd which is used for increasing storage performance is everything. instant-on to be so fast in the presence of this additional ssd. for a while, the system performance is everything, because ssd is also increasingly used for core cache in read-write process. The same method has been implemented on a desktop system based sandybridge with modern chipset, which leads to increased storage performance significantly.


generally have a tiny laptop speakers are tiny. consequently, let alone talk about sound quality, listen for the sound produced was so difficult because it is less loud speakers. this can not be found on the acer aspire s3. Dolby sound systems has complemented his sound system. kelantangan speakers could only be rivaled some of the large-sized notebook pc. Essentially, users s3 acer aspire will not want portable speakers for raising the volume of his speakers.

performance testing

as representative of all performance testing that is considered true by various IT institutions as well as the producers, ane using Sysmark 2007 as a reference. This program is a fusion of various kinds of commonly used software like Microsoft Office and a variety of programs adobe products. for such testing, s3 acer laptop Ultrabook who is the variant used by the core I5 ​​320GB hard drive.

Sysmark 2007 score so high that it makes seemingly aspire s3 uses a ULV processor. aspire s3 performance with ULV Core i5 second generation of this fact can be relied upon to make hard work though.

durability testing with MobileMark 2007 battery

This benchmark suite is a combination that is similar to Sysmark 2007. it's just that, this software has been arranged in such a way for simulating the daily routine is always up to the battery drained. for this test, Laptop Ultrabook aspire s3 which is the variant used by the core I5 ​​320GB hard drive.

from MobileMark 2007 test results, acer aspire s3 can survive 355 minutes or almost 6 hours. with this capability, combined with the instant-on and the battery life in a very long sleep condition, acer aspire s3 worthy of being your friend on the trip. of course, your experience with battery life may vary depending on usage patterns. in the conditions for use of a lighter application, you may get more battery power kekeuatan term.

video and gaming performance testing

play video FullHD remain ane ujikan, even with the use of the hd3000 intel processor, aspire s3 should no longer be experiencing significant problems. in the test, other than that ane can mengecheck FullHD video can be rotated easily, using any processor including very low.

for gaming, although not designed for laptops Ultrabook play games, ane still try. some mainstream 3d games like fifa, pes, and can still play starcraft so seamlessly with this Ultrabook laptop. encouraging results, with respect to the small dimensions seldom exist that are designed to be used for playing games.

of course, with s3 acer you can also play social games like that are on facebook and even games that exist in the AppUp. com. so, if you will fill his free time, while waiting for friends or customers in a café, just point the browser to facebook and continue your adventure with the Acer Aspire s3.

Ultrabook laptop aspire s3: fast, large capacity, as well as affordable

forget most of the specifications and test results above and the use laptops Ultrabook this in your daily life. result, you will gain a unique blend of comfort wear tablets as well as high productivity capability. acer aspire s3 to life and ready to use, whenever you need it, with hardly any wait time. this will be very exciting if you occupied while waiting in front of the client that your presentation, right?

while these, when they want to be treated as a packhorse, acer aspire s3 to its performance will be exciting while a designer who works outdoors. image processing software now, even the toughest will be utilized as convenient. if necessary, you can even change or convert videos quickly! mostly thanks to the availability of basic capabilities of the processor sandybridge upscale.

so, if you crave a trivial and the convenience of a tablet with the performance of an upper-class laptop, laptop acer aspire Ultrabook s3 is one of the most correct. You do not need to start bringing a notebook and a tablet pc for the reliability of both.

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