Program Member State nicest Alfamart Local Minimarket Indonesia

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The following article is interesting to discuss some issues regarding the Program Member State nicest Alfamart Local Minimarket Indonesia. Me and you listen carefully this paper will make a complete difference to how I am and you think about the Program Member State nicest Alfamart Local Minimarket Indonesia.

"Promo Alfamart member finest local minimarket Indonesia" as the first mini-members who have the most in our country Alfamart give so much innovation to spoil our members. one is to consistently provide two weeks a special promo for member-members to shop at Alfamart good or even at merchants that so much work with Alfamart to provide price reductions or special pricing.

member Alfamart

Alfamart member is calling for loyal customers Alfamart. Alfamart members would get a different kind types of benefits and special surprises such Alfamart: seems to me, calendar shopping, specialku and my present, as well as other proprietary programs. Alfamart members are consumers who have and join us on the membership card, a card or cards Flazz us bni.

I card

I card is the card member Alfamart first launched in 2005. with our card, the member will be allowed to benefit and various types of benefits as well as promo-promo interesting is not allowed to be followed by other consumers who are not our card members. Our card is a national halal Alfamart all our countries.

a card Flazz

a card is a card member Alfamart Flazz in the launch on 15 May 2010 in cooperation with Flazz bca, which in addition is also useful as a card member allowed to be used as a means of payment / transaction due to a prepaid card is a card Flazz (non card accounts that are allowed to save money for various types of transactions).

Flazz a card transaction is allowed to use as a tool not just around the outlet Alfamart, although alfaexpress alfamidi or so throughout the merchant Flazz including restaurants, salons, bookstores, parking, movie theater and is still so much often. for the time being, a card Flazz jabodetabek halal, surabaya

I bni card

I bni card is a card member Alfamart which was launched on 1 January 2010, is a collaboration between the bank bni Alfamart. Our cards are bni multifunctional card, which is useful as an addition to the card member, is also useful as a means of transaction. bni card users we also want to get various types of benefits and special surprises from Alfamart and would be allowed to enliven a special exclusive programs in Alfamart member. for this opportunity, we bni card Alfamart jabodetabek halal. 8 member benefits Alfamart

A. seems to me, and calendar shopping

Promo Best Local Member Alfamart Minimarket Indonesia seems to me, and calendar shopping is a special program Alfamart member, which member will get a special price reduction for members of certain products in tune with the promotional period. to show member card at the checkout the chance to do a transaction, then the member will automatically get reduced prices for the products page. for explanation and product seems to me there in the shopping calendar Alfamart leaflet published each two weeks or poster at a nearby Alfamart.

2. and my special gift

as the name suggests, Member Alfamart Promo, Best Local Minimarket Indonesia (Promo Member Alfamart Minimarket Lokal Terbaik Indonesia) that is promo specialku are special products which at present only for the member Alfamart. my special products, the only member allowed to be purchased by Alfamart by showing the card member on the occasion of the transaction at the checkout. is my gift is a direct gift or a lottery program that allowed only by members Alfamart followed. member will get a token that would in the lottery to get a certain gift or a member would get a direct gift in time with the program or an ongoing promo. member is allowed to understand the number of tokens via SMS to 0817-111-234 number by typing: token (space) card number or by contacting customer care at 0-800-1-234-234 Alfamart.

3. big special program for "member Alfamart"

Promo Member Alfamart Minimarket Local Best Indonesia special big program for "member Alfamart" is a program of special promos member with a period of relatively longer, at least 1 month, this program is specific to the member, the mechanism of the program allowed a fair (eg, p & g fair, Kalbe Nutritional fair , etc.) or a special annual program member who would have been very well known "proof of love to you", known as bkua

4. redemption for "member Alfamart"

Promo Best Local Member Alfamart Minimarket Indonesia redemption for "member Alfamart" is an annual program for member Alfamart. which the member will earn points each shop min. rp .50 .000 on-going period. member allowed to redeem the points they will be the exclusive and exciting prizes in a predetermined period. member is allowed to understand the points via sms to the number 0817-111-234 by typing: points (spaces) or by contacting the card number Alfamart in 0-800-1-234-234 care consumers.

5. "Member Alfamart" thematic promo

This promo is a special surprise to commemorate certain days (eg: Valentine's Day, a national consumer day, day of national batik, etc.). This promo is allowed only by members Alfamart followed by showing the card member (our card, a card or cards we bni).

6. special treatment for "member Alfamart" birthday

This program specifically for Alfamart member's birthday. elected member of Alfamart want to get a surprise on his birthday, this program hopes to be the best moment for members Alfamart not displaced.

7. special events / activities for "member Alfamart"

beauty class, gathering free shipping, cooking class, break the fast together, factory visit is a special event attended by the member is allowed only Alfamart. Members were given the opportunity to enliven the various types of kinds of interesting events in each event that they will certainly want to be a valuable experience for the member Alfamart. in addition to the events they will be, would there have been more interesting events that are only allowed to be followed by member Alfamart.

8. merchant for "member Alfamart"

Alfamart member would get a reduction in prices, offers and promo draw on the merchants who work with member card Alfamart in our country. in addition they will be, with a card Flazz, members are also allowed to enjoy various kinds of offers and promo interesting merchants Flazz bca in all our countries.

Do not close yourself you own by refusing to fully understand the Program Member State nicest Alfamart Local Minimarket Indonesia. Bertambahlengkap that you understand the Program Member State nicest Alfamart Local Minimarket Indonesia, you are certainly more easy to concentrate on what the essence of the finest locales Minimarket Alfamart Member State of Indonesia.

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