Acer Aspire 4253: Special Notebook For Students

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After all this time listening to the general idea of ​​fusion of AMD, recently the technology was coming too. Acer's first time to present it in the form of Homeland Notebook acer aspire 4253 notebook form. Notebook that uses an AMD platform fusion of Brazos, is AMD E-350.

What is fusion processor?

AMD technology used in notebook aspire 4253 it was the first Fusion processor from AMD. Fusion technology there is the incorporation of the processor and VGA. AMD E-350 is a combination of an AMD dual-core processors combined a VGA AMD (hd6310). AMD states the results of the combined CPU and VGA as the APU.

E-350 processor is AMD's first APU launched amd. A unique, although it accelerated processor unit composed of various components (2 cpu cores, memory controllers, and VGA), its size is very small. AMD Processor E-350 is only 75mm square. Power consumption was very low, only 18 watts. The good, the mini package was prepared AMD with very low prices, making a low-cost platform, for the students but has a good performance.

Aspire 4253 laptop: designed for students

See the technology used E-350 AMD processors, the processor is in fact appropriate to use to make a special notebook students. Good performance and low price is the key word as Laptop Acer Aspire Notebook S3 Ultrabook Thin Notebook Best Price Cheap (Ultrabook Notebook Tipis Harga Murah Terbaik). certainly did not envision the general performance of the notebook, right? common to VGA can run a variety of film formats and even a game? all there is in this laptop aspire 4253. Therefore, why spend Notebook acer aspire 4253 with amd processor powered E-350 special for students. in fact, the notebook is also equipped HDMI connectors commonly found on high-performance notebook. after that, what about performance? check out the results of tests including the following:

performance (Sysmark 2007)

according to test results using Sysmark 2007, the E-350 amd processor helps Notebook acer aspire 4253 it received approximately 25persen performance on Laptop Atom N550 (dual core). suppose compared to single core processors series atom, the difference becomes increasingly different. including the following is a more thorough performance differences on a netbook with a dual core atom.

The proof, although the atom dual core has 2 cores and 4 threads, the processor netbook is still far behind in all aspects of the trial. Atom dual core AMD only able to match the e-350 in any aspect of video conversion. This occurs because the number of threads it that much.

ability of vga (3DMark 06)

according to test results very surprising truth, evidence, reliability aspire 4253 vga on the laptop it could be over pentium dual core pentium dual core P6000 and T4500 (4500MHD). Do not compare the performance of the netbook vga. vga amd 6310 are available have been very much on the vga performance in a netbook.

turn on the video full hd (1080p)

run high definition video is not easy to do things that a netbook. running the video 1080p (full hd) is impossible. even, much less any sense of confusion Notebook running full hd video. What about the Acer Aspire 4253 Laptop?

in fact, acer aspire 4253 Notebook ggak feel any problems at all in running full hd video in any format. for a player you can use the vga there, you can run any movie on the market opportunity is not a problem. This is a rare enough reliability for a cheap notebook package for students.

suppose you have an internet bandwidth so well, Notebook acer aspire 4253 it even allows you to run streaming video via youtube hd with no problems.

test battery

according to test results of battery life, is available Acer Aspire 4253 notebook can survive up to 275 minutes approximately 4.5 hours. Notebook connection is wearing 14-inch screen, dvd, vga has a good performance, and marketed at a price low enough, the test was considered too good.

cheap, powerful, and complete: the most appropriate for students

Acer aspire 4253 notebook that comes in a package sale very cheap. you seem to feel that the price of 4.099 million RP, - still not exactly cheap enough. however, if you watch that in the sales package that has been around Windows 7 starter, starter office 2010, microsoft learning suite, and various other software that price is so cheap. all software that is the original software. so, you can feel safe when use it.

low price, complete software, good performance and good battery life. you will not even feel that you have a processor running the Notebook's economic opportunities. the later, all combined to make the Laptop Aspire 4253 Notebook quite the best for the students.

already known that accelerated Notebook acer 4253 with AMD processor unit E-350 can meet the daily needs with good performance and battery life is very long.

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