Identity Restoring the Nation

Posted by tukang nggame on Wednesday, November 18, 2009

As the people of Indonesia are we supposed to participate in the National Identity Restoring Indonesia. However it was the responsibility ourselves to participate in this bertisipasi. If not we are trying to Restore Identity Nations, who else will do it? Hoping other citizens? Not right?

Let us as a people of Indonesia shoulder to shoulder to Restore Identity Indonesian nation. We are strengthened by enriching the intellectual and edify us and to promote the development of the Indonesian nation. Do not let our children or people near future we destroy them by doing the things that forbiden by religion.

We have put together to improve the nation of Indonesia. The Indonesian nation is a nation that is rich in potential for both cultural and natural wealth. All will be in vain and national identity could be lost without Indonesian people have a sense of responsibility to maintain and develop.

Maintain, restore and develop the national identity should we start from now. And no need to wait for another command. We must cultivate an attitude of love motherland, love of Indonesian products. We must believe that we can and are able to build a nation of Indonesia. Of the remain hopeful and pleading to Allah to help us to maintain the national identity of Indonesia.

It is not easy to Restore the Indonesian National Identity, because every business there are always obstacles and barriers. There is always a challenge in achieving what we expect. With a sense of high responsibility and a sense of community (mutual cooperation) will be easy or relieve us in carrying out this great hope of Identity Restoring the Nation.

Every people must be aware and try to help with the National Identity Restoring Indonesia. Indeed sometimes we feel irritated to see the representatives of the corruption we spend public money and the wealth of the country, but whether we will ignore the problem? Did the incident make love for the homeland Indonesia vanished (weaker)? Would we be selfish to think ourselves without thinking about the future of our nation?

Who are the people who are not happy and proud when people have a high identity? And vice versa who tidah his shame if people have a bad self. What pleased to say our nation in the corruption? Nah not, therefore let us keep this country together. Let us support the efforts of Indonesia to make this nation into a country in segani other nations. Let's help this nation become a nation of Indonesia is net of people who only spend public money. And let's help the people of Indonesia for this menjadik be intelligent people, intelligent and noble. Come back together Indonesian national identity.