It's time to unite our Identity Restoring the Nation

Posted by tukang nggame on Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's time to unite our Identity Restoring the Nation. It's time we together build this country with the works positive. Let us not allow the independence of Indonesia was of the deed which may destroy the self and the nation of Indonesia. Let us hand in hand ensuring the efforts to Restore Identity Indonesian nation which we love.

Indonesia's independence sixty-four years, was supposed to make us care and independence for people's lives more worthy. It is sad that for such independence is still a lot of people food hardship. Indonesia should not this agrarian country must import rice from abroad. Indonesia should be a rice exporting country abroad.

Let us together restore the national identity so that Indonesia will be more advanced and dignified in the face of other nations around the world. We as people of Indonesia can play an active role in order to restore the national identity of Indonesia.

Indeed many obstacles utuk do that, but should be tried and the optional in order to materialize. Indonesia is a large country, therefore we have to Balance by forming a national identity so strong and dignified in segani by other nations.