Recognise and visit the Tourist Attraction in Pandeglang

Posted by tukang nggame on Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Before I continue writing this article "I express my apologies and unseen". Why do before writing "Recognise and visit the Tourist Attraction in Pandeglang" I used to convey an apology? Yeah right, because at this time Eid has arrived it was supposed to convey my apologies if all this might have done things that are uncomfortable or painful readers of this blog.

Alhamdulillah, this time I was up in Surabaya where else before going home to Madison. That means I also was ready to do the optimization Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang. You know, yesterday the holidays bring a laptop all to Madison, wanted to optimize from there, but because the internet connection so lazy lemot deh my vacation so prgunakan for activities other.

Recognize and Object Object Check in Pandeglang

It's sad when a holiday yesterday also appeared many ideas to optimize Recognize and Object Object Check in Pandeglang but can not be applied at that time because the internet lemot earlier. Oh well, now start trying to optimize. Let me slow home safely win dink uh ...: d. Indeed seeh opponents are very tough time, I was just able at the 50th position. Whether in the remaining time I was able to pursue what is not? Seeh hopes to catch up to a laptop let me make a gift to my beloved wife: d. Support me in Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang dong.
What is Object Object in Pandeglang it? Please read the following carefully your bag may be useful.

Recognise and visit the Tourist Attraction in Pandeglang

Coastal Tourism Object
Pandeglang famous tourist attraction baharinya. Among the many tourist attractions here are among the marine Carita Beach, beach and coastal Bama Ciputih. The beaches are very attractive to travelers from various regions due to its beauty.

Carita Coast
Object Carita Beach Tour maritime background of forested mountains have a white bewarna basic materials. If you are going to visit the Well area, Ciputih, Lesung Cape region and Ujung Kulon National Park you will find this Carita beach because there was built the pier for the ships to be used towards the tourist attraction.

Bama Coast
If you are interested in the underwater tour so happy at the beach bama being prepared for underwater destinations.

Ciputih Coast
As the name Ciputih in this area you can find plenty of white sandy beaches. Call it among coastal beaches are new Tanjungan Estuary, coastal Legon, Langun Dadap beach, beach wells, and the beach itself Ciputih. You also will be confronted with the small islands of very interesting visitors. There Badoer island, island Mangir, Oar Island and others.

Bath Tourism Object

If you are into Pandeglang, you will be treated to many beautiful natural bath and attractive. If you are sure there will be charmed and may be addictive to visit there again. Here are some of the bathhouse in question: Cikoromoy Baths, hot water baths Cisolong sulfur, natural citaman baths, and others. Bathing-bath is a lot that contains sulfur, so warm and good for your health. Oh yes it around the bath you will find lots of variety of natural beauty.

Pandeglang is rich in tourist attractions, in addition to the above tourism object you can also stop by the region for tourism in Cape Lesung Pandeglang. You can enjoy the natural beauty of going green. There is also available hotel facilities were excellent.

Will be found in Pandeglang also nan stunning waterfalls like Curug drum that is located adjacent to Carita beach. In addition you can also find mountain tourism is so interesting wisaat rock mountain.

Oh yes that should never be overlooked is the famous national park of Ujung Kulon National Park. Where you can see some endangered species of animals which are now almost extinct as the Javan rhino. There are also rare flora and fauna there. If you have money and leisure time do not forget to took time to visit the Pandeglang.

Oh yes, if you have chance to get there do not forget to taste the delicious Cikadueun Buffalo Sate. Taste delicious food with the atmosphere there is very simple but so shake your tongue. If you are into your Pandeglang markets also do not forget to stop by to taste the "Nasi Uduk" Mak Ijah. But you can only enjoy the"Nasi Uduk" Mak Ijah at night

Well if you want to know more please read the information at There you can also find information on hotels and restaurants Pandeglang.

Okay so I'm just a little review of the Object Object in Pandeglang, and from now Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang.